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NEW! Hollywood Trucks ECOLUXE Fleet

NEW! Hollywood Trucks ECOLUXE Fleet

Welcome to the world of Hollywood Trucks Ecoluxe! The worlds’ most technologically advanced and eco-friendly line of entertainment transportation available!

Ecoluxe was built from the ground up by Hayne Architects, Ann Carter Inc, and the Hollywood Trucks team with every conceivable idea and recommendation to make this line of equipment not only user friendly, but the ultimate luxury for even the most discerning clientele.

We began with the exterior chassis and frame, providing each trailer with 3 axles for an ultra efficient turning radius, one button hydraulic jacks for quick company moves and multiple height pintle hooks to fit any towing vehicle.  For mobile power, we installed eco-friendly diesel generators, which are able to run on the world’s cleanest renewable and bio diesels, or the ability to plug the trailer in with additional electrical (Shore) power. For the interior, solar panels line the roof allowing the entire LED lighting system to run off natural sun-power, while simultaneously keeping the 12 volt charged, thereby never leaving you in the dark. Massive Hehr eco-friendly privacy windows keep the trailer cooler in any environment by blocking UVA/UVB rays from entering the trailer, while simultaneously allowing natural light to brighten any room. Recycled aluminum doors replace the traditional RV style and give the Ecoluxe line an eco-friendly, ultra contemporary and sophisticated look. 

The entire floor plan was designed by Hayne Architects and Hollywood Trucks with substantial research and development from diverse industry professionals to maximize every inch of interior space available, while keeping the entire trailer under 40’ for conforming studio spaces and the Department of Transportation (D.O.T) regulations and weight stations.

As you walk inside of an Ecoluxe, the Ann Carter INC interiors will immediately surround you with the most contemporary and luxurious entertainment coach experience yet.  LED overhead lighting throughout illuminates the non-toxic laminates used, along with eco-friendly fabrics to cover the couches and carpet under your feet. With recycled 3-Form countertops and LED make-up mirrors, the world of beauty meets environmentally clean function.

As you sit on the huge wrap around couches and watch the newest state-of-the-art eco-friendly Samsung flatscreen smart TV’s, you will immediately notice the massive mirrored walls allowing for quick viewing of any wardrobe or make up touch up.

Turn on the entertainment system with the mini-iPad or even your personal phone and immediate enjoy limitless high-speed Internet through Apple Airport extremes, Apple TV, Direct TV, PlayStation, and even your own personal Apple iMac’s. All devices are wirelessly and effortlessly viewed on your massive Samsung flatscreen smart TV in each room.

With too many additional amenities to list, contact Hollywood Trucks today at 1-800-987-8252 or info@hollywoodtrucksllc.comto rent an Ecoluxe and experience what the entertainment industry is raving about!